Open postdoc position to work on adaptive immune repertoires

26 Jan 2020, by Erick

We are at a very exciting confluence right now: there is lots of data on adaptive immune receptors (antibodies and T cell receptors) and also new methods with which to learn from these data. Our group has a relatively open-ended postdoc position available, in which you can work on our ideas, or bring your own ideas about how we can learn from these data using novel statistical and computational approaches. We have a great team of computational collaborators including Phil Bradley and statistician Noah Simon, as well as access to novel data sets through our network of collaborators including the Overbaugh, Bloom, and Victora labs.

Apply here or just get in touch. Don’t be put off by any jargon you might find there. We’d like to hear from people who can formulate interesting biological questions, and we can help you learn the computational skills to answer them. On the other hand if you come from the computational side, we can get you up to speed with interesting questions and delicious data.

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