Frederick A. "Erick" Matsen
   Duncan Ralph

   Will DeWitt
Genome Sciences PhD student (joint with Kelley Harris)
   Laura Doepker
Postdoc (joint with Julie Overbaugh)
   Branden Olson
Statistics PhD student
   Andy Magee
Biology PhD student (joint with Vladimir Minin)
   Tyler Starr
Postdoc (joint with Jesse Bloom)
   Michael Karcher

   Thayer Fisher
Biostatistics PhD student
   Seong-Hwan Jun
   Jared G. Galloway
   Zorian Thornton
Genome Sciences PhD student
   Magdalena "Maggie" Russell
Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD student
   Kevin Sung
Postdoc (joint with Julie Overbaugh)
   Hassan Nasif
Statistics PhD student

Student/Postdoc Alumni

   Vu Dinh
Completed postdoc in 2017
Assistant professor, U. Delaware Mathematical Sciences
   Julia Fukuyama
Completed postdoc in 2018
Assistant professor, Indiana University Bloomington Statistics
   David Shaw
Completed postdoc in 2018
Mighty AI
   Chris Whidden
Completed postdoc in 2018
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University Computer Science
   Kristian Davidsen
Completed masters/programmer position in 2018
PhD student, Lucas Sullivan lab
   Amrit Dhar
Completed PhD in 2019
   Cheng Zhang (张成)
Completed postdoc in 2019
Assistant professor, Peking University Mathematical Sciences
   Jean Feng
Completed PhD in 2020
Assistant Professor, UCSF Biostatistics and Epidemiology